Radio “Africa inspires”

Do you know that our museum has its own radio program? We present AFRICA INSPIRES, a proyect that arises thanks of The Green Wave Community radio station and Movement against the intolerance in Valladolid, with the aim of making known our artistic backgrounds and the african art and culture from the radio waves.

For about an hour you will discover all this elements completed with music, interviews, curiosities, narrations, actual artistic tendencies… so that the listener can learn about the entire african continent.

Also you can find us in diferent formats:

Remember you can hear, share and download all the programs in these platforms.

Who makes up the Africa Inspires team? Interns and volunteers of the museum (including the Permanent University Millán Santos students) who announce the program. The writing and editing of the program is the coordinator: Cristina Bayo Fernández.

Now just enjoy the most african radio program!